Last updated: 15 September 2018

Stock Market Authority is the #1 source for the Best Penny Stocks List, Stock Alerts and Top Penny Stocks to Watch

If you’re looking for a stock picking newsletter that delivers what it says it will – consistent winning picks – then you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t be scared off by the term penny stocks. These stocks come in all shapes and sizes, and trade on all exchanges. Basically, the rule of thumb is that a penny stock is one that is priced under $5 – and yes, penny stocks do trade on the big board exchanges like the NYSE.

Performance Matters. Unfortunately, many other stock picking newsletters or ultimate stock alerts services just don’t cut it. And unlike elsewhere, you won’t find any flashy sales pitches here, no million dollar websites, no fake testimonials and no lies about being featured in Forbes or CNBC. In other words, We aren’t fake ass internet marketers, we are real traders and investors.

Here’s what we promise to deliver to you…

appbar-list_-check_Coverage of stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB and Pink Sheets
appbar-questionAlerts on potentially undervalued and undiscovered stocks that are poised to move 
appbar-graph_-line_-up_Analysis of stock charts and alerts with powerful bullish chart patterns
appbar-money_Alerts on promoted stocks with large buying interest & stocks being hyped in chat rooms, message boards and social media
appbar-film_-live_Breaking news alerts on stocks hot off the newswires
blue-check-mark-278The top list of penny stocks, the best stocks to watch and awesome trading education

You’ll get the best alerts from our top list of penny stocks, delivering gains that blow the investing internet marketing “gurus” out of the water.

Stock Market Authority was started by a couple of ambitious, and highly motivated traders, who learned to trade the old fashioned “hard way” – trial and error. After some years and many thousands of dollars lost, we came out the other side and become successful traders and investors.

After sitting on the sidelines for years watching so many so called “gurus” out there ripping off people to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year for their “education”, we said enough was enough. Stock Market Authority was born.

We are the Authority on the Stock Market. Our stock alerts can move big, in a matter of hours or days.

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You see, there are many shady stock picking newsletters out there touting their penny stocks lists and picks. Some are good, others not so. But the biggest problem is they are often on the other side of a trade they “recommend”. For example, they buy in the days before they send an alert to their subscribers (known as front loading), and sell when you are buying. This is often referred to as a pump and dump, although this term can often be misunderstood.

Stock Market Authority’s philosophy is simple. We make a nice living trading (and investing in) micro and small cap stocks, often referred to as “penny stocks”. These stocks trade on all exchanges from the NYSE, Nasdaq to the OTCQB and Pink Sheets. Perhaps the biggest key to success is preparation, and having a penny stocks list to trade every day is critically important, as is knowing which are the top penny stocks to watch and buy.

We generally only alert our members to stocks that have momentum and volume, or stocks that we think will have volume coming in because of rumors, news releases or a strong catalyst. The caveat to this is when we find an undervalued, undiscovered, or generally underappreciated stock that we think has the potential to make a big move in the future. This is more geared to holding longer term, like an investment.

We make sure our list of penny stocks have all the right attributes that give them the best chance of being profitable for our members.

We will not only give you alerts to the best penny stocks to watch that can make you money, but we will also give alerts on the best penny stocks to buy, tips and advice on trading stocks as well as our thoughts on how a trade might play out. This means that you are no longer trading by yourself, trying to guess your way through a trade.

Finally, experienced and successful traders have your back and can help you navigate your way through the stock market on your way to becoming a successful trader or investor.

We invite you to join us absolutely free and take the Stock Market Authority challenge by entering your email above. Don’t worry, we will never spam you, nor will we ever sell or give away your email address, and you can unsubscribe at any time – you have nothing to pay and no obligation to us.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you become successful in your trading or investing journey.