Sang Lucci

moron-indexLast updated: 15 November 2016

What, “Sang Lucci” (apparently not his real name) not on our hot list?

But once you hear our reasons you might just sympathize with us.

Sang came bursting on to the scene a few years ago with a website and chat room offering traders a haven for discussing all things market with of course, Sang as the host. He had a humble website and drew a loyal following with his humorous, if not naive, blog posts.

Interesting, recently Sang Lucci has started marketing his services with an “interesting” background story. Yep, you got it, he turned water into wine (not really, but after reading his life story you would think he could) and turned $1,000 into $1 million or something to that effect.

If you spend any time with Sang Lucci, you will know he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

A quick read of his “educational material” suggests his knowledge of options (the niche he professes to have made millions trading) is pretty limited.

So, we have Sang who is supposedly an options guru, yet teaches only the VERY basic fundamentals of them, and buys options like they are hot penny stocks, employing NO risk management. Options aren’t like stocks folks, if you bet wrong, you could easily lose 100% of your investment. But that doesn’t stop Sang betting the house on individual trades. He doesn’t hedge, he doesn’t use sophisticated options strategies like iron condors or straddles, nope, just buys and sells them, risking 100% of the capital employed every time.

Of course Sang Lucci also charges a monthly subscription fee for his alerts, similar to many other “guru” website owners.

The one thing we will defend Sang Lucci on is that he usually trades relatively highly liquid options, therefore his mission (unlike many others in this biz) is not to profit by front running his subscribers, unlike this guy and this guy.

To be honest, I don’t know if Sang Lucci is a scam or not, but his story, backed up by a very suspect trading methodology, does sound very fishy to me. A quick look at his picks shows that Sang Lucci trades win only 45% of the time. This means that any traders following him (with his all or nothing strategy) could very quickly lose their shirt.